“Our marriage is in such a great place right now and we both feel it has so much to do with how you helped us understand each other on a much deeper level.” 
            -Y.M. and D.M.
            Married Couple

“Words cannot express the appreciation we have for you, the work we do with you, and the sacred space that is your office.  You, without question, are a piece of our success as a couple.”
            -S.A. and A.A.
             Newly Married Couple

“I have found Jon to be supportive, understanding and sympathetic.  I have come to rely on his valuable perspective in dealing with our family’s issues.”
            -Deborah R.
             Mother to a 17-year old

“Jon helped my husband and me to recognize certain patterns that we were falling into and gave us tools to better our communication.”

“Jon really worked hard to develop a relationship of trust & confidence with my son and through that I have seen great improvements in his attitude and our lives…I really appreciate Jon’s dedication to meeting our needs.”
            -Pam S.
             Mother to a 12-year old

“Jon’s greatness is creating a safe and supportive environment that facilitates a pathway to self improvement.  He doesn’t overwhelm you with the technicalities of the ‘why’, but focuses on your personal relationship of self evolvement.”
            -Jonathon F.
             Husband and Father

“Jon is a great trainer, but to see his work in action was truly priceless!  I think that we have all learned a lot from him over the past year.”
            Karen A., LMFT
            Family Therapy Trainee


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